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Did You Know:

  • Ceiling or Wall Fans pull Bacteria and Odor out of the toilet bowl and spread them - Bacteria will stay on surfaces, ie. toothbrushes, towels, walls, clothing, etc.
  • Without the JON-E-VAC® Toilet Ventilating System, Bacteria and Odor travel throughout rooms via air returns and circulate.
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Residential Use

The JON-E-VAC® residential Toilet Ventilating System is the only toilet ventilating system that removes odor and bacteria directly from the toilet bowl. The JON-E-VAC® residential Toilet Ventilating System can be operated by a remote control and comes with elongated or round toilet seats.

Treat yourself and your family to a healthy, bacteria and odor-free bathroom

  • Easy to install
  • No direct wiring necessary - just plug it in
  • Operates on remote control - by touch of a finger
  • Can also operate on light sensor or continuous function


  • No more sprays or wick deodorants
  • No more candles
  • Reduced use of ceiling or wall fans - uses less energy
  • No more open windows which results in loss of heat or air conditioning

Commercial Use

The JON-E-VAC® commercial Toilet Ventilating System is excellent for any restroom whether it has one or more stalls especially those without windows. The bacteria and odor-free space will be appreciated by all visitors. Our commercial toilet ventilating system is the best choice for areas such as public restrooms, nursing homes and restaurants where odor and bacteria can be extremely problematic.

The fresh solution for the bacteria and odor free public restrooms has arrived.


  • For commercial use the unit can be set to to operate on a continuous basis or on a light sensor.
  • For a private office it can also be operated by remote control as shown on the residential toilet installation video.
  • Depending on number of units and location, please contact manufacturer for various installation procedures.
All seats are made of heavy duty injection molded polypropylene plastic with stainless steel components.
  • JON-E-VAC® Toilet Seats must be used with JON-E-VAC® Model JS-002 Filter Fan Housing Unit.
  • The JON-E-VAC® has been tested by an independent laboratory and traps/kills bacteria that is removed directly from the toilet bowl.
  • JON-E-VAC® Toilet Seats and Filter Fan Housing Units contain antimicrobial agent.
  • JON-E-VAC® Filter Fan Housing Units are fire rated.
  • JON-E-VAC® Toilet Ventilating System operates on 24VAC system.
  • Filter Fan Housing Unit designed in USA, manfuctured and assembled in USA/China.