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Did You Know:

  • Ceiling or Wall Fans pull Bacteria and Odor out of the toilet bowl and spread them - Bacteria will stay on surfaces, ie. toothbrushes, towels, walls, clothing, etc.
  • Without the JON-E-VAC® Toilet Ventilating System, Bacteria and Odor travel throughout rooms via air returns and circulate.
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The JONEVAC® has been running since January 24th in our one-potty home through one of the worst winters I have experienced. We no longer have to use the bathroom fan to clear the air. It's outlet grill was iced shut most of the time and we didn't miss it at all. I no longer hear "Don't go in there !" when the smell would probably knock you over. The filter has absorbed stinks from diarrheas, chili beans, Mexican food and strong smelling vegetables without exploding. It cleared the air so well we went out and got married February 19th after dating for 6 years. Thank you for your fine product and for your help.

Steve Schrader

JON-E-VAC is the best thing ever invented!!!  What a wonderful invention and I have had one for over 3 years.  Everyone should have one. No more smelly bathrooms....the perfect gift for the man in your life!!!!!

Annette Noorzad

I bought my JON-E-VAC® 3 years ago. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. But I really like it whenever my son visits. We actually joke about it. That it’s now a pleasant visit “and he’s not my stinky baby anymore”. Never mind the bacteria he leaves behind. And I also like it for my friends because nobody is embarrassed anymore to go to the bathroom.

Ms. Ceni, Vancouver, BC

When I ordered my JON-E-VAC® for shipment, and it came my wife thought I was crazy and laughed. We put it into our powder room off the dining room on the main floor. Well my wife isn’t laughing any more. She thinks its great. We’ll probably get another one for upstairs.

S. Polski, AB

We bought one of these JON-E-VAC® Systems for the men’s bathroom in our workshop because the odor coming out of there was really brutal sometimes. Within a month we bought another one for the ladies’ room. And everybody is happy now.

L. Couch., San Diego

I have a really bad IBS problem, which is very embarrassing for myself and my husband doesn’t like it either. After we installed the JON-E-VAC® life is much more pleasant.

It doesn’t cure the problem, but it sure helps the odor, and I don’t feel all that bacteria floating around.

Pittsburgh, PA